Typographic Conventions for English 230's Web Site

        Article and Web page titles are indicated by quotation marks, like "Orson Welles Painter" or "English 230.001, Fall 2012, Syllabus View."  Because web pages typically use underscoring to indicate the presence of a hyperlink to another web page or application, this site will attempt to follow that convention as in this link to the home page.  Therefore, italic type will be used, as MLA Style requires, to indicate book, periodical, or Web site titles (Mosses from the Old Manse, Modern Philology, or British Library: English Short Title Catalog)Italics also are used to set off foreign words or phrases in English text (E.g., "As Bogart and Bergman watch from the restaurant's window in Casablanca's "Paris Flashback," the sound truck's speakers blare the message, 'Die deutschen Truppen Stehen vor den Toren von Paris.'").  Learn to pay attention to the distinction between italics and roman type.  This difference that rapidly is being forgotten by those who read only on the Internet, where playing around with type fonts has brought readers back to the brink of the anarchic print conventions of the late Seventeenth Century.