Virgil, Aeneid Books 11 & 12

XI:  Peace thwarted.

      1)  Aeneas sacrifices, Pallas' funeral; mass funeral pyres.  Aethon, Pallas' weeping horse and "The Horses of Achilles" (Iliad XVII.426 ff.)

   2)  Peace councils‑‑Drances in Latium; Diomedes to the  ambassadors on war against Troy (340‑41); the messenger;  Drances vs. Turnus in debate ("nulla salus bello").

     3)  Camilla's victories & death‑‑ring composition.

     4)  Cavalry retreats; Turnus abandons ambush; Aeneas safe.

 XII: Peace defeated; war defeated.

      1)  Latinus & Amata plead w/ Turnus; T's sight of Lavinia.

      2)  Truce duel disrupted by Juno & Juturna's false omen.

      3)  T seeks A / A seeks T; Juturna separates them.

      4)  Aeneas attacks Latium's walls; Amata's suicide.