Lancelot's Answer to Arthur's Accusation of Misconduct With Gwenyver


“And at suche tymes my lorde Arthur . . . ye loved me and thanked me whan I saved your quene frome the fyre and than ye promysed me for ever to be my good lorde.  And now methynkith ye rewarde me evyll for my good servyse.  And my lorde mesemyth I had loste a grete parte of my worshyp in my knyghthod and I had suffird my lady youre quene to have ben brente and insomuche as she shulde have bene brente for my sake for sytthyn I have done batayles for youre quene in other quarels than in myne owne quarrel mesemyth now I had more ryght to do batayle for her in her ryght quarell.  And therefore my good and gracious lorde . . . take your quene unto youre good grace for she ys both tru and good” (460v-461r/1188).