1)  Ettarde leads Gawayne to her bed  where "she graunted hym to fulfylle all his desyre" (Malory's addition to the Suite du Merlin).

2)  The Roman ambassadors report the army's defeat by Arthur (present in Alliterative Morte Darthur).

3)  Trystram, riding armed to the hunt, overhears Palomydes declare he loves Isode "peramoures" (Malory's addition to the Prose Tristan).

4, 5,  6, 7)  Gwenyvere rides with her knights before being captured by Mellyagaunce who will proclaim he has discovered evidence Lancelot has shared her bed (Malory's addition to the source and his extended description of "love in kynge Arthures dayes" and "love nowadayes").

8)  Aggravayne and Mordred lead the raid on Gwenyvere and Launcelot together in the queen's bedroom. (Malory's addition to the Mort Artu).