The Rose of Rouen, Battle of Towton (1461)

     Now is the rose of Rone growen to a gret honoure,

    Therfore syng we euerychone, "I-blessid be that floure!"

I warne you euerychone, for you shuld vnderstonde,

There sprange a rose in rone & sprad into englonde,

[. . . . ]

The norşen party made hem strong with spere & with sheld;

On palmesonday affter şe none şe met vs in şe feld.

With-in an owre şe were right fayne to fle & ek to yeld—

xvii thousand şe rose kyld in şe feld.

            Blessid be şe tyme that euer god spred şat floure.


Historical Poems of the XIVth and XVth Centuries.  Ed. Rossell Hope Robbins  (N.Y.: Columbia UP, 1959) 215-8.