W. MS f.180v, Malory's First Explicit

(Between Vinaver's "King Arthur" and the Roman War Segments)

[Beginning five lines from the top: "not suffir hym to be there that day but yf hit were on the syde of Sir Launcelot / here endyth this tale as the Freynshe booke seyth fro the maryage of kynge Uther unto kyng Arthure that regned aftir hym and ded many batayles // And this booke endyth whereas sir Launcelot and sir Trystrams com to courte who that woll make ony more lette hym seke other bookis of kynge Arthure or of Sir Launcelot or Sir Trystrams for this was drawyn by a knyght presoner Sir Thomas Malleorre that god sende hym good recover  Amen & c   Explicit"]