Page W. fol. Annotation Context Text Scribe Index Scribe "Shield" frame? Prophecy?
22 9v Index Ban and Bors arrive to aid Arthur A 1L    
26 11r "Sompnus" King w/ 100 Kts dreams wind destroys castles A   N Prophetic Dream
30 12v "The dethe of Maris de la Roche Lucas saves Maris from near death--scribe misreads A   N  
41 17r "A dreme of Arthur" After incest w/Lot's wife dreams of griffins and serpents A   N Prophetic Dream
49 19v Index Pellynor responds to Arthur at pavilion A 2R   Challenge
51 20v Index Merlin keeps Pellynor from killing Arthur and prophecies Pellynore's sons, Percyvale & Lamorak, and the realm's destruction by Mordred A 3R   Prophecy spoken--Merlin
52 21r "Here ys a mencyon of the Lady of the Lake when she asked Balyn le Sauveage hys hede" Arthur asks for sword; Lady demands boon A   Y Scribe predicts her "boon"
63 23r Index & "Vertue and man-hode ys hyed wyth In the bodye" Balyn demands sword test A 1L Y Divination ordeal
66 24r Index & "The dethe of the Lady of the Lake" "lyghtly he smote of hyr hede before kynge Arthure" A 1L Y Vengeance Killing
69 25r Index Balyn and Launceor prepare to joust A 1R   Challenge
69 25v "How Balyn slew Launceor" Balyn kills without knowing it A   Y Death
71 26v "How the lady Columbe slew herself for the dethe of Launceor" Columbe is buried by Merlin and Mark and her tomb is inscribed by Merlin A   Y Prophecy inscribed--Merlin
77 28v Index & "Here ys the dethe of king Lot and of the xii kyngs" Pellinor kills Lot--start of feud--and Merlin predicts the Sankgreal and Balyn's Dolorous Stroke A 2R Y Prophecy spoken--Merlin (but M adds "Sankgreal" reference
80 29v "Here Garlonde that went in visyble slew Harlews le Barbeus under the conduyt of Balyn" Balyn shamed by 1st of Garlon's killings--tomb inscribed by Arthur A   Y Killing--inscribed
81 29v Index & "Here Garlonde in visible slew Peryne de Mounte Beliard under the conduyght of Balyn" Balyn shamed by 2nd of Garlon's killings--tomb inscribed by magic predicting Gawayne's vengeance killing of Pellynore for Lot's death A 1R Y Prophecy inscribed of Vengeance Killing--attributed to Merlin in the French source and he warns it will be fulfilled
84 30v "How Balyn slew Garlon the knyght that wente in visible" Balyn's revenge after G's slap and taunt A   Y Vengeance Killing and Balyn predicts cure of the lady's son
84 31r Index "Than kynge Pellam [caught in his hand] a grymme wepyn and smote egirly at Balyn" A 2R   Challenge and Vengeance Attempted
85 31r "Here ys a prognosticacion of the Sank Greall" After Merlin rescues Balyn from the ruins of the Dolorous Stroke, Malory prophecies Galahad's healing of Pellam "in the queste of the Sankreall" A   Y Prophecy spoken--Malory.
100 36r Index Torre asks Arthur to make him a knight--Merlin predicts Torre "ought to be a good man" B 2R   Prophecy spoken--Merlin
102 37r Index Hart leaps over table at start of Gawayne, Torre and Pellynor quest B 1L   Leads to prophecy spoken by Merlin re: the quest (103:13-16/37v)
105 38r "How sir Gawayne slew Alerdyne knyght of the Iles" Gawayne kills a knight at a river ford who refuses to yield, praised by Gaherys B   Y Challenge and Killing
106 38v Index Knight challenges Gawayne for killing his hounds" B 1L   Challenge
113 41r Index Torre kills yielded knight to keep promise to maiden B 1L   Vengeance Killing
116 42v Index Pellynor challenges Outelake before killing him B 1L   Challenge and Killing
207 79v "The deth of sir Gayus" Gawayne reacts to an insult to English knights delivered by a cousin of the emperor of Rome by beheading him. B   N Vengeance Killing (verbal insult)
208 80r "The deth of sir Feldenak" Feldenak tries to avenge the deaths of Gayus and two other Roman champions but Gawayne kills him. B   N Killing (Vengeance Thwarted)
215 82v "The deth of Syr Berel" "kynge of Lybye," Roman ally, kills Cador's cousin B   N Killing
215 83r "The deth of iii knyghtes Sir Aladuke Sir Herawde & Sir Heryngale" "kynge of Lybye" kills and captures many RT knights B   N Challenge and Vengeance Killing
216 83r "The dethe of the kyng of lybye" Cador avenges cousin's death with "corne-boote" blow B   N Vengeance Killing
222 86v "How sir Gawayne slew iii. admyrallys in batayle" After Lancelot attacks and fails to kill Lucius, Gawayne and Lovel kill high ranking Romans B   N Challenge and VengeanceKilling
223 86v "How kyng Arthure slew the Emperour of rome sir lucyus" Though wounded by Lucius, Arthur triumphs B   N Killing
236 91v "How Sir fflorens slew Sir fferaunte" Gawayne's son kills a pagan Spanish knight B   N Challenge and Killing
239 93r "The deth of the marquesse" Pyramus kills the pagan duke's ally B   N Killing
239 93r "The deth of Chastelayne" "a chylde of Arthurs chambir" whose death rouses Gawayne to avenge him B   N Killing leading to Vengeance Killing
239 93r "The deth of Sir Dolphyn" Gawayne, pursuing vengeance for Chastelayne's death, first kills the duke, sir Dolphyn. B   N Vengeance Killing (ally of killer first)
267 103v "The deth of Terquyn by sir Launcelot" "for my lorde sir Gawayne his sake" Lancelot frees Gaherys from prison, along with Kay, Ector, Lyonell and others B   N Vengeance Killing and Rescue from Prison
270 104v "Here sir Launcelot slew Perys de Forest Saveage" Lancelot kills a "theff and a knyght . . . And a ravyssher of women" B   N Vengeance Killing
272 105v "Here sir Launcelot slew ii Gyauntes in the castel of tyntagil" Lancelot frees sixty gentlewomen/widows from prison in the castle where Arthur was conceived B   N Vengeance Killing and Rescue from Prison
274 106v "Here sir Launcelot bete iii knyghtes + rescowed sir Kay" Lancelot saves an unknown knight in an unequal combat B   N Rescue
276 108r "Here sir Launcelot over com iii brethryn vppon a brydge" Lancelot defeats all 3 at a bridge over a river and restrains Raynolde saying "I was not far frome the whan thou were made knyght" B   N  
278 108v "Here sir Launcelot with one spere smote downe sir Sagramour sir Ector sir Uwayne & sir Gawayne" Gawayne identifies Lancelot "by his rydyng" B   N  
282 110v "Here sir Launcelot heled sir Melyot de Logyrs with sir Gylberde the Basterdis swerde" Lancelot's first healing, before Sir Urry B   N  
286 112v "Here sir Launcelot made sir Pedyvere bere the dede body of the lady to quene Gwenyvere" Pedyvere's penance for beheading his wife while she was under Lancelot's protection B   N Vengeance Killing
298 116r "Here Bewmaynes had all moste slayne sir Kay" Gareth's first combat before meeting Lancelot B   N  
302 117v "Here sir Bewmaynes slew two knyghtes at a passage" Gareth kills his first opponents in combat to "outrance" B   N  
304 119r "The deth of the blak knyght slayne by the handis of Bewmaynes" First brother of the Red Knyght of the Red Laundis and the first killing emphasizing "handis" B   N Vengeance Killing Thwarted
306 120r "Here sir Bewmaynes overcome the grene knyght" Second brother of RKRL defeated, mercy at damsel's request B   N Vengeance Killing Thwarted
310 121v "Here sir Bewmaynes overcom the Rede Knyght" Third brother of RKRL defeated w/mercy at damsel's request B   N Vengeance Killing Thwarted
314 124r "Here sir Bewmaynes overcom sir Persaunte of Inde" Fourth brother of RKRL defeated w/mercy at damsel's request B   N Vengeance Killing Thwarted
324 129r "Here sir Bewmaynes overcom the Rede Knyght of the Rede Laundys" Gareth achieves the primary object of his quest B   N Vengeance Killing Thwarted
355 144v "How sir Gareth slew the Browne Knyght" Gareth avenges and frees 30 "ladyes and jantyllwomen" widowed by the "Browne Knyght wythoute Pyte" B   N Vengeance Killing and Release from Prison
361 147r "The weddynge of sir Gareth and of sir Aggravayne his brothir" Gareth achieves the ultimate object of his quest B   N  
378 151v "How the kynge of Frauncis daughter sente to sir Trystrames a fayre brachette" Damsel will die of love for Trystram B   N Prophecy--Malory ("the booke")
383 154v "Here is the deth of sir Marhalte knyght of the Table Rounde by sir Trystrames" Trystram's first killing in battle B   N Killing
415 171v [How] Sir Trystra[mys] slew sir [Brew]unor and [hys] vyff of [cast]el pleu[re] Trystram defeats a knight upholding an "evil custom" that kills women B   N Vengeance Killing and Rescue of Isode
419 173v "[How] sir Launcelot [s]lew kyng Cara[d]os of the dole[r]ous towre" Lancelot rescues Gawayne from prison B   N Vengeance Killing and Rescue from Prison
445 184r "How sir Nabone and his son were slayne by the hondis of sir Trystramys in the Ile of seruag" Lamerok and Trystram battle Nabone, and after his defeat give the Isle of Servage to Segwaredes who "delyvirde all the presoners" (446/184v) B   N Vengeance Killing and Rescue from Prison
463 189v "How La Cote Male Tayle justed with sir Bleoberys and had a falle" After he defeats Dagonet in a mocking duel, this LCMT's first real battle B   N  
472 193v "How sir La Cote Male Tayle strake a-downe sir Playne de Fors and sir Playne de Amoris" Passing the fortress before Lancelot, LCMT has first victories A   Y  
473 194r "How sir Plenorius smote downe La Cote Male Tayle" LCMT defeated, but Lancelot, chiding damsel and even opponent praise his valor A   N  
483 196v "Here sir Trystrams and sir Lamorak fawght tyll they were wery bothe and so they lefte on evyn honde and were swore togydir" Battle halted when they recognize each other and renew their pact of friendship made at Ile de Servage (445/184r) A   Y  
491 200v "How sir Trystrams rescowed kyng Arthur fro the lady Aunowre" Arthur imprisoned by the sorceress is nearly killed when Lady of the Lake brings Trystram to rescue him A   Y Vengeance Killing and Rescue from Prison
500 204r "How sir Trystram slew Tauleas the Gyaunte" Trystram, still naked in his "folie," rescues Sir Dynaunte from the giant A   N Vengeance Killing and Rescue from Captivity
501 205v "How the brachet of La Beall Isod discreved syr Trystramys" The dog given to Isode by Trystrams identifies the naked knight in his "folie" A   N  
503 206r "How sir Trystrams gaff sir Dynadan a falle" Before sailing into banishment from Cornwall to England Trystram defeats Dynadan, who agrees to sail with him A   N  
515 212v "How sir Trystram was takyn advauntage or he was redy by sir Paolmydes and had a fall" Before a tournament, Palomydes' attack on the weaponless Trystram maddens the defeated knight A   N  
561 230v "How sir Trystram rescowed sir Palomydes from sir Brunes saunz Pite and from nine knyghtis" Trystram rescues Palomydes from unequal combat, challenges him when he learns his identity, and they agree to battle at a later date B   N Rescue
717 294r "How sir Palomydes revenged the deth of kyng Harmaunce of the Rede Cite" Harmaunce, "slayne by felony and treson thorow two knyghtes of myne owne bryngynge up and of myne owne makynge" is avenged by Palomydes who kills the knights. B   N Vengeance Killing
735 300v "How sir Trystram had a falle" Lonezep tournament: Arthur forces Lancelot, Bleoberys and Ector to join him against the fatigued Trystram, Palomydes, Gareth and Dynadan B   N  
736 300v "How sir Palomydes had a falle" Lonezep tournament: Arthur forces Lancelot, Bleoberys and Ector to join him against the fatigued Trystram, Palomydes, Gareth and Dynadan B   N  
736 300v "How sir Gareth had a falle" Lonezep tournament: Arthur forces Lancelot, Bleoberys and Ector to join him against the fatigued Trystram, Palomydes, Gareth and Dynadan B   N  
736 300v "How sir Dynadan had a falle" Lonezep tournament: Arthur forces Lancelot, Bleoberys and Ector to join him against the fatigued Trystram, Palomydes, Gareth and Dynadan B   N  
854 349v "Here Galahad was made knyght" Twelve nuns ask Lancelot to do the honor "for of a more worthyer mannes honde may he nat resceyve the order of knyghthode" B   N  
860 351r "How Galahad sate in Seege Perelous" Galahad passes his first test of identity A   N Identity by Ordeal
862 351v "How Galahad pulled the swerde out of the peron" Galahad passes his second test of identity A   Y Identity by Ordeal
881 357r "Here Galahad conjoure a devil out of a tombe" Galahad's first act in the quest "releases" a demon and ends demonic possession A   Y  
883 357v Three graduated plinth stones topped by a column under a torus surmounted by a cross Galahad and Melyas de Lyle "com to a crosse whych departed two wayes" A     Identity by Ordeal
884 358r "How sir Melyas toke the crowne of golde" Melyas, unaware of any prohibition, picks up a crown and is badly wounded by a knight who tells him it was not for him A   Y Identity by Ordeal (failed)
928 373r "The avision of sir Launcelot" Heaven opens and an old man accompanied by angels denounces Lancelot A   Y Prophetic Dream
942 376v "The avision of sir Gawayne" He sees 146 proud black bulls, three spotless white bulls and one with a black spot A   N Prophetic Dream
944 378r "Here sir Gawayne slew sir Uwayne his cousyn germayne" To Uwayne's lament of his coming death Malory adds the accusation "for hit shall be ever rehersed that the tone sworne brother hath slayne the other"  A   Y Fratricidal Killing
957 381r "The avysion of sir Bors whan he fought with sir Prydam" Two birds, white and black, come to Bors and each asks him to serve them; a rotten tree (Lyonell) beside two flowers which bear fruit, and an old man who asks if saving the tree would not be folly A   Y Prophetic Dream
970 386v "How sir Lyonell wolde have slayne sir [sic] his brother syr Bors" Bors has passed Lyonell captured and beaten by two knights, but saves a "fayre jantillwoman" who has called upon Mary for aid, instead, and Lyonell tries to kill Bors when next they meet A   Y Attempted Fratricidal Vengeance Killing (unjust)
972 387v "How sir Lyonell slewe ermyte and Collgrevaunce for the rescowe of his brother syr Bors" When the hermit and Collgrevaunce interfere, Lyonell kills them A   Y Vengeance Killing (unjust killing of armed and unarmed opponents)
981 389r "He[re] sir Galahad hurte sir Gawayne lyke as sir Launcelot made mencion tofore at Camelot" Fulfilling  the prophecy written on the sword, Galahad strikes Gawayne "so sore that he clave hys helme and the coyff of iron unto the hede"--compare Lancelot's two blows in the duel A   Y  
1003 398v "The deth of sir Percivalis syster" Completing the "Custom of the Castle" begun in Balyn's quest, she dies giving blood to heal a "jantyllwoman" A   Y  
1011 399v "The avisione of sir Launcelot" He is told to go to the ship which carries Percyvale's sister's body A   Y Prophetic Dream
1015 401v "The significacion of the Sankgreal that ys called the holy vessel the whiche appered to sir Launcelot" Lancelot witnesses a priest elevating a host in the form of a man and is stupified and burned when he tries to enter the chamber despite hearing a warning not to do so A   Y  
1052 412v "How quene Gwenyvere besought sir Bors to fyght for her" In Lancelot's absence, the queen is appealed of murder in the poisoned apple incident A   Y  
1056 414v "How sir Launcelot rescowed quene Gwenyvere from the deth" Lancelot in disguise answers Sir Mador de la Porte's challenge A   Y Rescue from Death
1135 442v "He[re] sir Launcelot felle into a depe pytte by the treson off sir Mellyagaunce ten fadum" Pursuing the queen's kidnappers, Lancelot is betrayed A   Y  
1231 477v "How sir Gawayne wrote a letter to sir Launcelot at the tyme of his dethe" Gawayne formally absolves Lancelot of responsibility for his death and begs him to aid Arthur against Mordred A   Y