Conference Times for 2/5/14-2/12/14 (Updated 02/12/2014 11:54:41 AM)

All conferences will be in Van Meter 141. 

        English 240 students should translate the two short Middle English prose passages from the prologue to the Wicklifitte Bible and the "Trotula major," and for practice reading aloud in Middle English, they should be prepared to read aloud and to interpret any one- or two-sentence passage in Middle English from the next meeting's reading assignment:  These will be ungraded.  This is chance for you to practice reading this elder cousin of Modern English.  For the translation exercise, you will have to fight your eyes with your ears to conquer Middle English spelling conventions.  When the words do not make sense, read them out loud and listen to what they are saying.  The reading-aloud exercise will require you to separate Chaucer's sentence structure from the poetic structure of his rhyming couplets.  Look for the capital letters that indicate the beginnings of sentences, and the periods at their ends.  Do not be tricked into reading by poetic lines.  The poetry is important, but often its importance arises from the way the poetic lines strive with the sentence grammar to add meaning to the literal sense of the passage.

        English 105 students should prepare to discuss their "Product Purchase Recommendation" topics, potential majors, and previous research writing experience.

Wednesday, 2/5 [Reading a few complete sentences from Chaucer, Parliament of Foules]

12:50-1:10      ______Jisun Lee____________

1:10-1:30     __________________________

1:30-1:50     __________________________

1:50-2:10     __________________________

 2:10-2:30     __________________________

2:30-2:50     __________________________

2:50-3:10     __________________________

3:10-3:30    ______Craig Richie__________

3:30-5:00  Faculty Meeting_____________

Friday, 2/7  [Reading a few complete sentences from Chaucer, Boke of the Duchess, ll. 1-709]

12:30-12:50      __________________________

12:50-1:10     ___________________________

1:10-1:30      ____Caroline McDowell______

1:30-1:50      _____Christine Cherry_______

1:50-2:10     _____Loren Pittman__________

2:10-2:30     _____Hannah Wilkin___________

2:30-2:50     _____Victoria Nolan__________

2:50-3:10     ______Isabel Joseph (105)____

3:10-3:30    ______Troy Browne__________

3:30-3:50     __________________________

Wednesday, 2/12 [Reading a few complete sentences from Chaucer, Boke of the Duchess, ll. 710-1334]

12:10-12:30      _____Kelsey Newland_______

12:30-12:50     __________________________

12:50-1:10     _______Noah Klein___________

1:10-1:30      __________________________

1:30-1:50     __________________________

1:50-2:10    __________________________

2:10-2:30     _______Karen Spears (105)___

2:30-2:50     _______Bradley Wright______

2:50-3:10    __________________________

3:10-3:30    ______Zach Moss___________

3:30-3:50     _____Victoria Nolan (BoD Pre)__

3:50-4:10    ______Maxwell Adelstein (105)__