The Little Office of the Virgin

        This portion of the Mass begins with the Annunciation (on the leaf preceding this one) and Psalm 94 (Vulgate, 95 Protestant), "Venite exultemus," and continuing to the hymn praising Mary, "Quem tera pontus," which begins with the blue and gold illuminated initial "Q" on the lower left.  To see the Burnet Psalter's page for the start of the same hymn, click here.  To see a later passage from the same hymn from the Whitman (College) Book of Hours, click here.  This invocation of the Annunciation, the psalm, and the hymn to Mary,  begins the worshiper's day in the service of Matins, the first of the "canonical hours."  The knight mounted on the mythical beast in the right margin of the manuscript leaf faces the Psalm's fierce conclusion.