Online Editions of Chaucer's Works

        Note that the Riverside Chaucer is the current scholarly edition of Chaucer's works, and unless you have a very good reason for not using it, you should not quote from these oh-so-convenient but no longer accurate enough texts.  They are a quick and dirty solution to searching for passages in texts we know, or a way to quickly familiarize ourselves with new texts relevant to the text we're working on.  If you are my student, do not hesitate to ask me whether the occasion of your use is such that you can afford to risk quoting from them.  Usually, if you are not doing New Critical close reading of precise usage, but rather you are talking about plot or generalizing about dialogue, you are probably safe to use them for an undergraduate paper.  The one exception might be the Windeatt Troilus, which I ordinarily would accept in place of the RC.  His edition was actually only a subordinate project to support his doubly-annotated parallel text edition of Chaucer's poem alongside an edition of Boccaccio's Il Filostrato, Chaucer's primary source.  You can find it in Goucher's library, and it should be considered a basic resource for students writing about the Troilus.  Until you know whether what you are talking about was Chaucer's translation of Boccaccio's material or Chaucer's independent invention, you cannot write sensibly about the poem.

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