LoC Call # Dewey Call # Author Title Date AC # Digitized
BS1425.L3 H4 1539  *223.2 1539 Bible O.T. Psalms. Latin/Psalt 1539 42243 yes_11/28/06 gg vvh
BS505 .Z54 1545 220 Z66 Cieglero, Bernhardo [alt sp. Ziegler, Bernardus] Themata Ordinariae Dispvtato 1543 46128 yes_11/20/06 gg vvh
DA130 .H37 1543 942 H27 Hardyng, John The Chronicle of Ihon Hardyng : from the firste begynnyng of Englande, vnto the reigne of kyng Edward the fourth wher he made an end of his chronicle. And from that tyme is added a continuacion of the storie in prose to this our tyme, now first imprinted, gathered out of diuerse and sondery autours yt haue write[n] of the affaires of Englande 1543 44933
PQ4274 .B63 1553 291 B66Bb Boccaccio, Giovanni Geneologia de gli dei. I qvindici libri di M. Giovanni Boccaccio sopra la origine, et discendenadi tutti gli dei de'gentili, con la spositione, & sensi allegorici delle fauole, & con la dichiaratione dell'historie appartenenti a detta materia. Tradotti et adornati per M. Givseppe Betvssi da Bassano. Aggivntavi la vita del Boccaccio .. 1553 41947 yes_11/21/06 gg vvh
820.91 B18 Bale, John Scriptorum Illustrum Maioris Brytannie 1557 41434
PN6084 .B44 1560 *241 B39 Beda Venerabilis Liber scintillarvm. 1560 41524 yes_11/28/06 gg vvh
PA8142 .L38 1565 876.2 L38Im   Laurimanus, Cornelius Miles Christianvs, comoedia sacra, 1565 45877 yes_11/28/06 gg vvh
BR746 .B4 1565 274.2 B39Bs Stapleton, Thomas The History of the Churches of England 1565 41528 yes_11/9/06 as jt
PR1526.L6 A1 1566 826.1 A24Kt Aelfric, abbot of Eynsham A Testimony of Antiqvity shewing the ancient Fayth in the Church of England 1567 41519
KD542 .G74 1568 346 G781 Daij, Joannis Apxaionomia or Great Britain. Laws, statutes, etc. 449-1066 1568 41417
PR2199 .M57 1574 826.3 M67.5 Higgins, John Mirror for magistrates 1574 41410
PA2364 .B35 1580 413 B27 Baret, John An Aluearie or Quadruple Dictionary 1580 44202
BJ1551 .U32 1584 253 U18 Udall, John Amendment of life: three sermons, vpon Actes 2. verses 37. 38. conteining the true effect of the worde of God, in the conuersion of the godly: and the maner how it changeth their harts, and reformeth their liues, which is the true vvorke of regeneration 1584 42772
DA130 .T89 1590 942.05 T95 Twyne, John De rebvs albionicis, britannicis atqve anglicis, commentariorum libri duo. 1590 41959 yes_12/14/06 gg dd 
DP177P7 1594 946.04 P933 --> (946 P93) Sergier, Richard The present state of Spaine 1594 41942
826.2 C49 Chaucer, Geoffery/Speght The Workes 1598 41419
PR1241 .S65 1599 826.3 S68 Kyd, Thomas The tragedie of Solimon and Perseda. Wherein is laide open, loues constancie, fortunes inconstancie, and deaths triumphs 1599 41946
DA160 .A35 1602 948.9 C23Ra Aelnoth, monk of St. Augustine Historia S. Canvti regis et martyris, Othoniae sepvti per Aelnothvm Anglicum ante 400. 1602 41944
BF795 .W25 154 W18 Office Walkington, Thomas The Optick Glasse of humors 1607 46099
BR75 .J36 1608 274.2 W97Sa James, Thomas An Appologie for Iohn Wickliffe 1608 45822
BX4654 .W55 1608 282.91 W74 Wilson, John The English martyrologe, conteyning a svmmary of the lives of the glorious and renowned saintesof the three kingdoms, England, Scotland, and Ireland.  1608 42761
PC1640.A2 F6 1611  453.2 F63 Florio, John Queen Anna's New World of Words, or Dictionarie of the Italian and English tongues, Collected, and newly much augmented by Iohn Florio, Reader of the Italian unto the Soveraigne Maiestie of Anna, Crowned Queene of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c. And one of the Gentlemen of hir Royall Priuie Chamber. Whereunto are added certaine necessarie rules and short observations for the Italian tongue 1611 42788
RC618 .B7 1613 826.3 B85 Bright, Timothy A treatise of melancholy. Containing the cavses thereof, and reasons of the strange effects it worketh in our minds and bodies : with the physicke cure, and spirituall consolation for such as haue thereto adioyned afflicted conscience. The difference bewtixt it, and melancholy, with diuers philosophicall discourses touching actions, and affections of soule, spirit, and body : the particulars whereof are to bee seene before the booke 1613 42770 yes_12/7/06 gg 
PQ1616.E2 S81613 846.2 S18 Saluste du Bartas, Guillaume Bartas his devine weekes and workes translated by I. Sylvester 1613 41829
PR2392 .A28 1617 826.3 W82Ha Whither, George Abvses stript, and whipt: or Satyricall essayes. 1613 41889
BV775 .S64 1616 265.9 S74 Spelman, Henry A Tract of the Rights and Respect Due Vnto Churches 1616 41920
PA6801.A49 R67 1638 886.1 H47Ja Heliodorus, of Emesa Heliodori Aethiopicorum libri X / Io[annis] Bourdelotius emendauit, suppleuit, ac libros decem animaduersionum adiecit 1619 42087
Z2002 .P68 1619 820.91 P68 Pits, John Relationvm historicarvm de robus anglicis 1619 41597
BS2860 .N53  n/a  Iohn, Convstrivrier Nicodemus, His Gospel Bible. N.T. Apocryphal books. 1620 41414
PR1530 .S29 1623 826.1 A24Ks Aelfric, abbot of Eynsham A Saxon treatise concerning the Old and New Testament 1623 41821
PA8147 .E65 1624 836.2 E64 1624 Barclay, John Joannis Barclaii Argenis. Bound with Episotolae obscurorum virorum 1623 41979 yes_12/5/06
PA8147 .E65 1624 836.2 E64 1624 Hartlieb, Jacob De generibvs ebriosovm, et ebrietate vitanda…Bound with Episotolae obscurorum virorum 1624 41979 yes_12/5/06
PA8147 .E65 1624 836.2 E64 1624 Laurentius, Antonius, Politianus Bound with Epistolae: Dialogus pulcherrimus et utillissimus, de rise:ejusque causis et consequentibus, dilucide ac philosophice tractatus 1624 41979 yes_12/5/06
PA8147 .E65 1624 836.2 E64 1624 n/a Epistolæ obscurorum virorum. 1624 41979 yes_12/5/06
PA2889 .S7 1626 F *479.3 S74 Spelman, Henry, Sir Archaelogvs in modvm glossarii ad rem antiquam posteriorom 1626 41917
TX144 .B7 1627 *790 B76 Boulenger, J.C. De lvdis privatis 1627 42787
PE1620 .M72 1627 413 M66 Oversize Minsheu, John Minshaei emendatio, vel a mendis expurgatio, 1627 44278
BS580.J3 S93 1627 252 S98 Sydenham, Humphrey Five Sermons [or] Jacob and Esau 1627 46075
PR 2199 .S6 1628 826.3 S87 n/a The spyte of Spain 1628 46005
DA152 .V47 1628 *942.01 V56 1628 Verstegen, Richard Restitvtion of decayed intelligencies in antiquities 1628 41589
DP65 .L34 1629 946 L15 Laet, Johannes de Hispania; sive De regis Hispaniae regnis et opibus commentarius. 1629 45825
BV4831 .S87 1629 248 S96 Sutton, Christopher Disce Viuere or Learn to Live 1629 41429
826.3 R93Ii Ruggle, George Ignoramvs. : Comœdia coram Regia Maiestate Iacobi Regis Angliæ, &c. 1630 45408
272 C85 Cotton, Clement Mirrour of martyrs 1631 41430
BV197.P65 W53 1631 264.03 W63 Widdowes, Giles The lawlesse kneelesse schimsmaticall Puritan. 1631 41941
274.2 G341Rh     Heylyn, Peter The historie of the most famous saint and souldier of Christ Iesvs; St. George of Cappadocia; asserted from the fictions, of the middle ages of the chvrch, and opposition of the present. The institution of the most noble order of S. George, named the Garter. A catalogue of all the knights thereof, from the first institution, to this present: as also of the principall officers thereunto belonging 1633 42057
SK321 .L38 1633 *799 L35 Latham, Simon Latham's Falconry 1633 41970
BX5133 .M37 1634 252 M43 Matthew, Roger Peters net let downe : or, the fisher and the fish both prepared towards a blessed haven : delivered at a synod at Chipping-Norton in Oxford-shire  1634 42850
826.2 C49Ht Chaucer Amorvm Troili et Creseidae 1635 41833
876.1 S48HdBf Seneca, Lucius Annaeus L.A. Seneca the philosopher, his book of consolation to Marcia 1635 43613
DA391 .W35 1635 942.06 W14 Wake, Sir Isaac Rex platonicus: siue, de potentissimi principis Iacobi Britanniarum regis, ad illustrissimam Academiam Oxoniensem, aduentu, Aug. 27. Anno M. DC. V. narratio ab Isaaco Wake publice Academiæ[32]ejusdem oratore, tunc temporis conscripta, nunc iterum in lucem edita, multis in locis auctior & emendatior 1635 42777
826.1 A24Ks 1638 Aelfric, abbot of Eynsham Diverse ancient movements in the Saxon tongue 1638 41949
826.3 C81 Randolph, Thomas Cornelianum dolium : comoedia lepidissima, optimorum judiciis approbata, & theatrali coryphoeo, nec immerito, donata, palma chorali apprime digna 1638 41415
PA6801.A49 R67 1638 876.1 V49Nr Ross, Alexander Virgilii evangelisantis Christiados libri XIII : in quibus omnia quae de Dominonostro Iesu Christo in utroque Testamento, vel dicta vel praedicta sunt, altisona divina Maronis tuba suavissime decantantur / instante Alexandro Rosaeo 1638 41980
BS1535 .P45 1639 Phillips, Thomas The booke of Lamentations 1639 46003
826.3 B82Jt Brathwait, Richard The two Lancashire lovers: or, The excellent history of Philocles and Doriclea. Expressing the faithfull constancy and mutuall fidelity of two loyall lovers. By Musaeus Palatinus [pseud.] 1640 44972
826.3 H85Kd Howell, James Dendrologia, Dodona's grove, or, The vocall forrest 1640 41931
342.42 S66 Smith, Thomas Sir The Commonwealth of England 1640 45543
BS1425 .L3 S64 Spelmanno, Johanne  Psalterium Davidis 1640 41529
826.3 L22 n/a Lambeth faire, vvherein you have all the bishops trinkets set to sale 1641 42839
342.42 S66Be  Smith, Thomas Sir Thomæ Smithi Angli De repvblica Anglorvm libri tres. Qvibvs accesservnt chorographica illius descriptio aliiq politici tractatus 1641 46227
826.3 W82Hpr Whither, George A prophesie, written long since for this year 1641 41926
274.2 B39-Oversize Beda Venerabilis Historica ecclesiasticae gentis angloum  libri V. 1644 41943
826.3 H85Kd 1644 Howell, James Dendrologia, Dodona's grove, or, The vocall forrest 1644 41894
520.1 L72  Lilly, William Anglicus, peace, or no peace. 1645. A probable conjecture of the state of England, and the present differences betwixt His Majestie and the Parliament of England now sitting at Westminster, for this present yeer, 1645. An exact ephemeris of the daily motions of the planets; with an easie introduction tothe use thereof. Monethly-observations. A table of houses, and explanation thereof. To which is added, a modest reply to M. Wharton, and the prognostication of his present almanak printed at Oxford, for 1645 1645 42846
826.3 W82Hv Wither, George Vox pacifica: a voice tending to the pacification of God's wrath; and offering those propositions, or conditions, by the acceptation, and performance whereof, in some good measure, a firme and continuing peace may be obtained. It is directed to the King, Parliaments, and people of these islands: by Geo. Wither esquire, (a commander in this war) ... Disposed it into six books, or canto's, whereof foure onely are contained in this volumne; and the other deferred to be hereafter published, as there shall be cause 1645 41964
876.1 M51 Mela, Pomponius De situ orbis 1646 43628
DA412 1646 .V55     942.06 E78Rv Vines, Richard The hearse of the renowned 1646 46112
942.06 G78 Great Britain, Parliament England and Scotland's covenant with their God 1647 41412
BS1975 1647 225.47 1647 n/a Novum Testamentum domini nostri Jesu Christi, Vulgate editionis, juxta exemplar vaticanum anni 1592. 1647 42228
328.42 W17 Walker, Clement The mysterie of the two ivnto's, Presbyterian and Independent. 1647 42776
942.06 S56 Anonymous A shrill cry in the eares of Cavaliers, Apostates and Presbyters… 1648 45953
343.0942 G78o Gt. Brit. Parliament An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for the punishing of blasphemies and heresies: with the severall penalties therein expressed. 1648
292 R82 Ross, Alexander Mystagogvs Poeticvs/Muses Interpreter 1648 45400
274.2 B87 Broughton, Richard A true memorial of the ancient, most holy, and religious state of Great Britain 1650 41515
PJ4525 .C37 1650 *415 C33 Casaubon, Meric De Quartour linguis commentationis, pars prior 1650 41945
826.3 D24Hg D'Avenant, Sir William Gondibert: an heroick poem 1651 41921
*189.2 A92r Augustinus, Aurelius, Saint bp. Of Hippo Regvla S. Avgvstini episcopi et contitvtiones fratrvm ordinis praedicatorvm. 1652 42506
282 W58 White, Thomas An Appologie for Rushworth's Dialogues 1652 46121
BS1235 .M53 1653 *192.1 M83 More, Henry Conjectura cabbalistica., Or, A conjectural essay of interpreting the minde of Moses, according to a threefold cabbala: : viz., literal, philosophical, mystical, or, divinely moral. / by Henry More fellow of Christs College in Cambridge 1653 41568
bound with--> 282 W58 White, Thomas Daille's Arts Discovered: or, His Right use, Prov'd A Downright Abuse of the Fathers. 1654 46121
BJ1551.W45 Z6 1654 171 W61 Whitlock, Richard [S¯ootomía (romanized form)] : or, Observations on the present manners of the English: briefly anatomizing the living by the dead ; with an usefull detection of the mountebanks of both sexes 1654 41891
BJ1221 .H47 1655 170 H54 Herle, Charles Wisdomes tripos : or rather its inscription, Detur sapienti, in three treatises. I. Worldly policy. II. Of moral prudence. III. Of Christian wisdome 1655 42505
282 S74 Spencer, John Scripture Mistaken 1655 45979
*942.01 V56 Verstegen, Richard Restitvtion of decayed intelligencies in antiquities 1655 41590
283.415 U87Rb Bernard, Nicholas The Life and Death of Dr. James Usher 1656 42256
856.1 B66JdB Boccaccio, Giovanni The modell of wit, mirth, eloquence, and conversation 1657 42762
942.4 C17 1657 Camden, William Remains concerning Britain 1657 45744
826.3 S93Kc Stubbs, Henry A Severe enquiry into the late Oneirocritica 1657 45045
826.3 T65Ie Tomkis, Thomas Brewer's Lingua: or, The combat of the tongue, and the five senses for superiority. A pleasant comoedy 1657 42252
846.3 C99JhBs Bergerac, Cyrano The Government of the World in the Moon 1657 42227
427.013 S69 Somner, William Dictionarivm saxonico-latino-anglicum 1659 41591
BV4210 .W55 1659 251 W68 Wilkins, John, bp. Of Chester Ecclesiastes, or A discorse concerning the gift of preaching as it falls under the rules of art/ 1659 45143
826.3 W82Hs Wither, George Speculum speculativum: or, A considering-glass : being an inspection into the present and late sad condition of these nations; with some cautional expressions made thereupon / by George Wither, immediately after His Majesties restauration: to preserve in himself and others a Christian obedience to God's various dispensations. Hereby also are some glimmerings discovered of what will probably ensue hereafter 1660 41965
DA400 .Y68 1660 942.06 Y78 Younger, William A brief view of the late troubles and confusions in England, begun and occasioned by a prevailing faction in the Long Parliament: deduced to the auspicious coming in of General Monck, and the most glorious and happy restitution of King Charles the Second. By Willim Younger .. 1660 41939
284.2 C25RbBc Balbani, Niccolo The Italian Convert: Newes from Italy of a second Moses: or, the life of Galeacius Caracciolus, the noble Marquess of Vico. 1662 42758
821.8 R93 Misc. An Exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times. By the most eminent wits, from anno 1639 to anno 1661 1662 44750
821.8 R93 Misc. An Exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times. By the most eminent wits, from anno 1639 to anno 1661 1662 44750
SH437 .V46 1662 *799 V44 Venabales, Robert The experience'd angler 1662 41975
826.3  D24Hp D'Avenant, Sir William Poem, to the King's most sacred Majesty 1663 45760
826.2 C49HcaSb Brathwaite, Richarde A comment upon the two tales of our ancient, renovvned, and ever-living poet Sr. Jeffray Chavcer, Knight. Who, for his rich fancy, pregnant invention, and present composure, deserved the countenance of a prince, and his laureat honour. The miller's tale and The wife of Bath. Addressed and published by special authority 1665 44972
826.3 S43Hh Scudamore, James Homer à la mode. A mock poem upon the first and second books of Homer's Iliads 1665 42757
DA407 .A1 W65 1665 942.06 W78 Winstanley, William The loyall martyrology; or, Brief catalogues and characters of the most eminent persons who suffered for their conscience during the late times of rebellion ... As also, Dregs of treachery: with the catalogue and characters of those regicides who sat as judges on our late ... soveraign ...  1665 41955
BS105.5.A7 G67 1665  Bible N.T. Quartuor D.N. Jesu Christi Evangeliorum 1665 41592
B659.C2 G5 1667 186.1 B67B Boetius Anicius Trost und unterricht ALT title De Consalatione Philosophiae 1667 45687
B395 .P37 1667     184.1 P71Spa Parker, Samuel A Free and impartial censure of the Platonick philosophie : with An account of the Origenian hypothesis, concerning the preexistence of souls. In two letters, written to Mr. Nath: Bisbie 1667 45950
876.2 E65KmBw Erasmus, Desiderius Moriæ encomium; or, the praise of folly 1668 42782
401 W68 Wilkins, John, bp. Of Chester An essay towards a real character, and a philisophical language 1668 41878
826.3 D68Hp Donne, John Poems, &c. By John Donne, late Dean of St. Pauls. With elegies on the author's death. To which is added divers copies under his own hand, never before printed 1669 41899
284.84 G15 Gale, Theophilus The true idea of Jansensime, both historick and dogmatick 1669 45803
328.42 N86 North, Dudley North, 4th Baron A Narrative of some passages in or relating to the long parliament 1670 45945
*500 S97 Swan, John Speculum mundi 1670 41958
BT920 .W33 1670 237.2 W12 Wadsworth, Thomas.  The Immortality of the soul explained and proved by scripture and reason. 1670 46096
BL51 .G53 1671 192.1 G54 Glanvill, Joseph Philosophia pia 1671 41421
F 422.03 S628 Skinner, Stephen Etymologicon linguæ anglicanæ, seu Explicatio vocum anglicarum etymologica ex propriis fontibus, scil. ex linguis duodecim ... Accedit Etymologicon botanicum ... Accedit & tertio vocum forensium tum antiquarum & jam obsoletarum, tum recentium, & quæ adhuc in usu sunt, etymologica expositio ... Quarto adjectæ sunt originationes omnium vocum antiquarum anglicarum, quæ usq; à Wilhelmo Victore invaluerunt ... Tandem ultimo Etymologicon onomasticon ... Omnia alphabetico ordine in quinque distinctas classes digesta 1671 44942
809.3 H88 Huet, P.D. A treatise of romances and their original. 1672 42079
876.1 V49Np Phillips, John Maronides; or, Virgil travesty, being a new paraphrase upon the sixth book of Virgils Aeneids in burlesque verse 1673 41910
866.2 Q56sBe Quevedo y Villegas, Francisco Gomez de Visions of Dom Francisco de Quevedo Villegas 1673 46006
400 B84 Brerewood, Edward Enquiries touching the diversity of languages and religions, through the chief parts of the world. Written by Edw. Brerewood .. 1674 42251
292 G18 Gautruche, Pierre Histoire Poetique pour l'intelligence des Poets  1674 42038
826.1 A24KtB Aelfric, abbot of Eynsham A Testimony of Antiqvity shewing the ancient Fayth in the Church of England 1675 41519
B837 .G53 1676 192.1 G54s Glanvill, Joseph Seasonable Reflections and Discourses In Order to the Conviction, & Cure of the Scoffing and Infidelity of a Degenerate Age 1676 41422
B1201 .G53 1676 192.1 G54e Glanvill, Joseph Essays on Several Important Sujects in Philosophy and Religion 1676 41423
*F 942.01 S18 Sammes, Aylett Brittania antiqua illustrata 1676 41819
BV4647.C7 A44 1677  170 A42 Allestree, Richard The Art of contentment / by the author of The whole duty of man, &c 1677 45839
826.3 W63Hg Wittie, Robert Gout raptures. Astromachia; or, An historical fiction of a war among the stars: wherein are mentioned the 7 planets, the 12 signs of the zodiack, and the 50 constellations of heaven mentioned by the ancients .. 1677 41967
826.3 R67Rb Burnet, Gilbert, bp of Salisbury Some passages of the life and death of the Right Honourable John, earl of Rochester, who died the 26th of July, 1680. Written by his own direction on his deathbed, by Gilbert Burnet, D.D 1680 41897
826.3 L42Km Lawson, Thomas A mite into the treasury : being a word to artists, especially to heptatechnists, the professors of the seven liberal arts, so called... shewing what we own herein, being according to God and Godliness, and of God... 1680 42849
826.3 O44Hs Oldham, John Satyrs_Some new pieces never before published by the author of the Satyrs upon the Jesuits 1681 45968
BX5165 .C65 1682 254 C72 Comber, Thomas An historical vindication of the divine right of tithes, from Scripture, reason and the opinion and practice of Jews, gentiles and Christians in all ages. Designed to supply the omissions, answer the objections, and rectifie the mistakes of Mr. Selden's History of the tithes 1682 42502
929.8 G43 Gibbono, Johanne Introduction ad Latinam Blasoniam 1682 41890
826.3 O44Hs Oldham, John Satyrs upon the Jesuits: Written in the year 1679. And some other pieces by the same hand 1682 45968
BS1440 .S74 1682 223.25 1682 Sternhold, Thomas & Hopkins, John & others The whole book of Psalms, collected into English metre, 1682 42242
*821.8 R76 E of Rocherester; Dr. Wild, and othes of the best modern wits Rome Rhym'd to Death 1683 41962
826.3 O44Hs Oldham, John Poems and translation "Old Hams"/Bound with Satyrs upon Jesuits 1683 45968
BS105.5 .A7 G6 1684 226 1684 Bible N.T. Quartuor D.N. Jesu Christi Euangeliorum 1684 41593
826.4 D39Is Denham, Sir John The Sophy, as it was acted at the private house in Black Fryars by His Majesties servants 1684 45994
826.3 D79Hm  Dryden, John  v1. Sylvæ: or, The second part of Poetical miscellanies. 1685 41938
846.3 S15KcBw Saint Real, Cesar Vichard de Caesarion; or, Historical political, and moral discourses. In four days entertainment between two gentlemen, very pleasant and useful for all orders of men whatsoever 1685 46069
942.06 P51 Pettit, Edward The visions of government, etc, wherein the antimonarchical principles and practices of all fanatical commonwealths men… 1686 45952
826.3 B91Hp Buchanan, George Poemata quae extant. 1687 ?
876.2 G88HcBs Grotius, Hugo Christ's passion. A tragedy; with annotations. 1687 45411
F *479.3 S74 1687 Spelman, Henry, Sir Glossarium archaiologicum 1687
856.1 T21HgBf 1687 Tasso, Torquato Godfrey of Bulloigne = or, The recovery of Jerusalem / done into English heroical verse by Edward Fairfax ; together with the life of the said Godfrey 1687 41973
BT685 .G713 1688 233.938 A16 n/a An abridgement of The prerogatives of St. Ann, mother of the mother of God : with the approbation of the doctors at Paris : and thence done into English to accompany The contemplations on the life and glory of Holy Mary, and the defence of the same, with some pieces of a like nature : to which a preface [by William Clagett, the translator] is added concerning the original of the story 1688 42737
427.01 H62 Hickes, George Instutiones grammaticae anglo-saxonicae 1689 41815
826.3 O81 Osborne, Francis The works of Francis Osborn esq; divine, moral, historical, political. In four several tracts. Viz. I. Advice to a son, in two parts. 2. Political reflections on the government of the Turks, &c. 3. Memoires on Q. Elizabeth and K. James. 4. A miscellany of essays, paradoxes, problematical discourses, letters, characters, &c 1689 45790
320.158 W57 --> (323.65 W57) Whitby, Daniel Considerations humbly offered for taking the oath of allegiance to King William and Queen Mary. 1689 42848
943.03 J43Rb Brusle de Montpleinchamp, J.C. L'histoire de Don Jean d'Autriche fils de l'empereur Charlequinte  1690 42879
826.3 M66HpaBh Milton, John Paraphrasis Poetica 1690
826.4 M86Hs   Morland, Israel A short description of Sion's inhabitants from the days of Abel the righteous; as also of the inhabitants of the bloody city and harlot-church, from the days of Cain the murderer .. 1690 45426
PR3327.R45 1691 264 B85 Bridgewater, Benjamin Religio bibliopolae. In imitation of Dr. Brown's Religio medici. With a supplement to it. 1691 42765
282.45 E53 Emiliane, Gabriel d' The frauds of Romish monks and priests, set forth in eight letters. 1691 45800
822.9 L27 Langbaine, Gerard The lives and characters of the English dramatick poets. Also an exact account of all the plays that were ever yet printed in the English tongue; theirdouble titles, the places where acted, the dates when printed, and the persons to whom dedicated; with remarks and observations on most of the said plays. 1691
396 P93 Tate, Nahum A Present for the ladies: being an historical vindication of the female sex. To which is added, the character of an accomplish'd virgin, wife, and widow, in verse  1692 41961
DA150.A588 942.01 A53  Gibson, Edmund Anglo Saxon Chronicle 1692 41418
BR748 .B44 1693 n/a Beda Venerabilis Opera quaedum theologica 1693 41596
826.3 D79Hm  Dryden, John v2. Examen poeticum : being the third part of miscellany poems : containing variety of new translations of the ancient poets, together with many original copies / by the most eminent hands 1693 41940
942.1 K37s Somner, William A Treatise of the Roman Ports and Forts in Kent 1693 41903
396 L15 n/a The Ladies Dictionary, being a general entertainment for the fair-sex: a work never before attempted in English. 1694 42146
BJ1552 .R45 1716 170 T86B Rémond des Cours, Nicolas The true conduct of persons of quality 1694 45837
826.4 B65Km Blount, Charles The Miscellaneous works of Charles Blount, Esq. ... : to which is prefixed the life of the author, and an account and vindication of his death: with the contents of the whole volume 1695 45563
B659.C2 E5 1695 186.1 B67Bp Boethius Of the Consolation of Philosophy 1695 41595
264.031 H78 Hooper, George A discorse concerning Lent, in two parts. 1695 42781
271 T16 Tanner, Thomas Notitia monastica; or A short history of the religious houses in England and Wales 1695 41588
F *016.091 C85 Cotton, Sir R.B. Catalogus liborum manusciptorum Biblio-thecae Cottonianae. 1696
826.4 C74Im Congreve, William The mourning bride, a tragedy. As it is acted at the theatre in Lincoln's Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants. Written by Mr. Congreve 1697 41978
826.1 A24Khe Aelfric, abbot of Eynsham Heptateuchus 1698 41435
826.1 A39Kb Boethius Consolationis philosophiae libri V. 1698 41974 yes_12/6/06
265.9 S74h Spelman, Henry The History and Fate of Sacrilege Discover'd by Examples of Scripture, Heathans and Christians From the Beginning of the World Continually to this Day 1698 41919
F340.8 S74 Spelman, Sir Henry Reliquiae spelmannianae 1698 41916
792 D76 Drake, James The antient and modern stages survey'd; or, Mr. Collier's view of the immorality and profaness of the English stage set in a true light. Wherein some of Mr. Collier's mistakes are rectified, and the comparative morality of the English stage is asserted upon the parallel 1699 45931
BX7733.P45 S65 1699 170 P41 Penn, William Some fruits of solitude, in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life 1699 41951
342.43 S83 Stephen, William A letter to His Most Excellent Majesty King William III : shewing, I. The original foundation of the English monarchy. II. The means by which it was remov'd from that foundation. III. The expedients by which it has been supported since that removal. IV. Its present constitution, as to all its integral parts. V. The best means by which its grandeur may be for ever maintain'd 1699
call number incorrect 826.3 S742Hp Speed, Samuel Prison-pietie 1677? 46034