Athenaeum Construction Images, August 25, 2008

Athenaeum from South

The main collection stacks are in the right-hand atrium (the "wedge"), and the three-story forum is in the left-hand cube.

The "Cube" and the "Wedge"

Left: the forum, Special Collections and Archives, library offices, classrooms, commuter lounge, cardio lounge, and Alice's Restaurant. Right: Main Collection and Periodical stacks, reading alcoves, and classrooms.

Athenaeum Stacks

Low E glass wall on south and west side (copper on north)

Athenaeum South Balcony

The third floor opens out on a balcony visible in the upper left corner.

Interior Stairs in the "wedge"

View from the first floor of the stacks up to the third floor Special Collections and Archives.

Glass Roof of Meeting Hall

Double-pane half-inch glass ceiling over the three-storey forum in the "cube" facing Pearlstone and Mary Fisher House.

View of Forum from Stage Area

Seating rises two floors to the main entrance.

Third floor Special Collections and Archives

Compact shelving storage area to the left; work space and labs to the right.

Special Collections and Archives

North-facing windows in reading room and lab area.

Special Collections and Archives

Third-floor hallway between forum space (to left) and Special Collections and Archives (to right)


Viewed from third floor looking toward main entrance.