Adoration of the Magi

Jesus Carried by St. Christopher

Typical codicological description: "Textualis in black and red, one-line initials in gold on alternately mauve and blue ground with white pen-work, line-fillers of the same type, one-line ivy-leaf initials in mauve or blue on gold ground for the suffrage to St Christopher and matins of the Office of the Virgin. Two-line initials of the same type with radiating ivy-leaf decoration and colored branches, three-line initials in the same manner for the beginnings of each hour. 13 miniatures, 11 above four, two above five lines of text. All miniatures surrounded by wide three-sided bars with ivy-leaf decoration and four-sided ivy-leaf borders."

"12 Book of hours, use of Chartres: Manuscript on vellum, illuminated by the Bedford workshop. France, Paris, c. 1400-10."  Dr. Jörn Günther • Antiquariat