"How Do I Read?"

        English 341 offers you a chance to explore your reading habits at fundamental levels, digging down below the conscious decisions you make when choosing texts, and operating them.  To establish a starting point for this exploration, and to help you get to know other members of the class as readers and writers, please give us a thoughtful, ungraded exploration of how you read.    You can address this question in many ways, and all will tell us something about your preferences and habits and training as a reader.  This is potentially a book-length (whatever that is?!) project, but feel free to limit yourself to an hour or so of reflective writing, though you can write more if you wish and have the time to do so.

        To give us all time to read each others' writing, please submit it to the online "Canvas" discussion board for English 341 before 5PM Sunday of the weekend before classes begin.

        Some suggestions (not requirements!) that might get you started:

     Please do not be concerned that you will "do it wrong."  You cannot do it wrong.  The only error would be not to do it.