Document P2 Bookseller's Description

An early vellum document in English.  An indenture comprising the lease of property for the benefit of Dilhorn School in Staffordshire.  (12 July 1637)  280x560 mm.  33 lines in a very clean, professional hand.  With the original intact pendant seal reading "H I."  First two words of the text in large ornamental letters.

        One hole obliterating one word and part of another, otherwise in excellent condition--bright, clean, and very pleasing to look at.

        This document . . .  was drawn up in 1637 and involves the lease of more property for the benefit of Dilhorn School.  Henry Hastings, 5th Earl of Huntington, is again the lessor, but the lessee here is John Morton (who has signed with a mark), and the property is situated in Blurton, Staffordshire.