Document P4 Bookseller's Description

A handsome early vellum document in English.  An indenture laying out an agreement concerning pasture and ploughland in Norfolk (1657).  153x406 mm.  13 lines in a very attractive court hand.

        Light fading of a few letters, otherwise in fine condition.

        This document, although not large, is very appealing because of its excellent condition and beautiful script.  It records an agreement concerning 250 acres of meadow and ploughland by which Edmund Bell acknowledges the land to belong to L'Estrange Calthorpe.  The land is in the area of Bardolf Fen near Barnham Market in Norfolk.  The unusual name of L'Estrange Calthorpe suggests that he was perhaps the scion of two prominent Suffolk families, L'Estrange and Calthorpe, both established in the Packenham in Suffolk.