Drogin Aids: Scribal Manuscript Book Production

Late Medieval English Chancery Script and Late Renaissance Secretary Hand Practice in British Library Additional MS 59678 (the "Winchester MS" of Malory's Morte Darthur).

Nomina Sacra: C3-C4 development of the abbreviations for sacred names in biblical texts corresponding to Christian adoption of the codex over the scroll as the privileged document construction  (Rich Elliot (Simon Greenleaf University), A Site Inspired By The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism.  See also Elliot's page on "Books and Bookmaking," especially the illustration "Excesses of Early Printing" for a visual explanation of how the attempt to copy scribal abbreviations [which made copying faster] produced less readable texts using far more individual kinds of type.]

Vocabulary for Describing Medieval Manuscripts and their Hands

Manuscript "families" based on types of error in their exemplars: C15 Chaucer manuscripts; "Adam Scryvin" (a poem by Chaucer to his scribe).