Final Research Projects--Fall 2011

Elizabeth Bellsey--Farol Indiana, y guia de cura de indios (BX1757 .P4 1713 )--desbib and provenance from "Rev. Frank Borton" & co. (Goucher collection, including Augustine's Civitatis Deo, 1494, also given to Dr. Goucher by the same donor)

Raya Bichefsky--comparative analysis of illustration sequences of Milton's Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré (NC248.D6 A73 1866)  and Pierre Fourdrinier--depiction of Satan and his gradual transformation from Books I-X (Goucher and AS copies)

Effie Bourgin--a hand-set letterpress edition of original fiction by Goucher student, Emily McCormack, accompanied by an essay explaining the aesthetic choices made in typography, paper, layout, binding, etc.

Lily Dodge--Anglorum Praelia--desbib and provenance (Thistlethwaite, his library, Wadham College [Oxon.], and the AP's publishing history (AS copy)

Caitlin Duffy and Katie Everhart--the Bulgarian Cookbook--desbib, textual analysis, some diplomatic transcription, and an attempt to determine provenance (AS copy)

Cynthia Ferguson--the German Confirmation Book--desbib, textual analysis, provenance (dated inscriptions 1942-7, of Jembke and Grussendorf, neighboring towns in Lower Saxony), some diplomatic transcription (AS copy)

Natasha Gross--the 1938 American first edition of J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit, or There and Back Again (Juv PR6039 .O32 H6 1938) --desbib, analysis of JRRT's illustration sequence, possible sources in the work of J. M. Kemble (Goucher collection copy and MS 0010, Bright Collection, archives)

Emily Huebner--Civil War scrapbook--desbib, analysis of sources, article selection patterns, clues to ownership/authorship (Goucher archives)

Faith Huete--the Peruvian manuscript--desbib, provenance (Don Diego Cabrera, Arequipa, Peru, 1630, endorsement 1636), some diplomatic transcription, checking for relations to Peruvian National Library thefts (AS copy)

Camden Kimura--a new, pocket-sized print edition of Book I of Paradise Lost, accompanied by an essay explaining  the aesthetic choices made in typography, paper, layout, binding, etc., and an Internet "presence" (Pocket Paradise: ).

Hannah Reed--the "Philadelphia Revely" Commonplace Book--desbib, provenance research, some diplomatic transcription of individual receipts and literary passages (to be identified) (AS copy)

Nancy Terry--a woodcut based upon a de Worde or Caxton image--analysis of the techniques used to create the original images, including time and materials, limitations and opportunities for the craftsman, accompanied by an essay explaining the aesthetic and mechanical choices made