Hand-Press Book Leaf Laboratory Leaf-Analysis "Partners" for Fall 2007

        Remember the way folio book pages relate to each other as "bifolia," pairs of pages folded in half at the binding's "gutter."  This means that, in order to make full sense of your leaf's "recto" side (with the folio number), you need to talk to and read the data posted by your colleague who is working with your leaf's "verso" partner, which used to lay open on the left side of the open book, across from your page.  In almost all cases, your leaf's verso side makes your research relevant to your colleague who is working with the next leaf's recto side, so most of you have two close partners in research, as well as the rest of the class for help in imagining the whole book.  In addition, the leaves used to be sewn together in gatherings whose thickness can be calculated from the signatures (the lower, double-alphabet numbers), so some of your leaves also are "gathering sibs" of other close partners' leaves.

[  ] = missing leaf  <  >  = leaf out of order

[238v]              239r    Toni

239v                240r    Toni and Cassie

240v                241r     Cassie and Sam

241v                242r     Sam and Colleen

242v                243r     Colleen and Susan

<243v              244r>   Susan

<244v>            [245r] 

[245v               246r]

[246v               247r]

[247v]              248r     Sarah

248v                249r     Sarah and Simone

249v                250r     Simone and Kelly

250v                251r     Kelly and Meredith

251v                252r     Meredith and Anna

252v                253r     Anna and Michelle

253v                [254r]  Michelle

[254v               255r]

[255v]              256r

256v                257r

257v                258r

258v                [259r]