Indenture Studies: Online and Print Aids

Phil Barber, "An Introduction to Collecting Vellum Indentures"--Phil Barber's online indenture sale guide with a useful glossary of terms often encountered in indentures, as well as some historical context of their use:  You will note that Barber credits Emma Thoyts (below) for a good deal of what he is summarizing, so if you want to know more about one of his topics, seek it in Thoyts.

David Postles (U. Leicester) Early Modern Paleography Website--in addition to an excellent print bibliography, the site contains extensive background lessons on English legal culture and the documents it produced.  This offers examples of the types of scribal indentures one might encounter in a lab for English 241, including uses and trusts, wills, settlements, mortgages, etc.  "Mouse-over" translation of individual examplar documents requires you to turn off pop-up blockers in your browsers.

Emma Thoyts, How to Decipher and Study Old Documents, London: Stock, 1893 (also available in revised editions with introduction by C. Trice Martin)--the go-to basic source for English document analysis, written for the common reader interested in family geneological studies and local parish register office work.