Manuscript Laboratory, Part 1

Laboratory Instructions: Describe the document as completely as you can, working from the folio you were assigned.  Notice what the digital surrogate reveals to you, and notice what you cannot determine from the digital surrogate.  Create a list of questions you need to research in order to improve your bibliographic description and, for each, a short list or note of resources you will consult to answer the question.

Folios 1and 2 Folio 1r  Folio 1v   Folio 2r   Folio 2v  
Folios 3 and 4 Folio 3r   Folio 3v    Folio 4r   Folio 4v   
Folio 5 and 6r Folio 5r   Folio 5v (blank, as are 6r-v)