Some "darknet" or "deepnet" portals (as of Fall 2013)

     NOTE: In each case, I urge you go inspect the home page of the site without clicking on any of its links.  Some links will lead you to sites dangerous to your computer, or even your life.  Each of these sites are the equivalent of a real, lawless pirate outpost that any computer linked to the Internet can access.  When we get to print and manuscript text production, we will encounter "outlaw" text productions that would have been considered similarly dangerous to their cultures and political authorities.  These are "our pirates" and "our thugs"--please beware and limit your curiosity to what you can learn from the home pages.

4Chan (an aggregator web site that facilitates sharing of copyrighted content--also the probable meeting ground of the Lulzsec and Anonymous hackers);

"Annonews" (the PR site of the Anonymous hacker group);

WikiLeaks (the activist site promoting libertarian and leftist causes using leaked government documents, etc.);

"Selected Papers in Anonymity" (a library of technical and other papers by theorists and technicians promoting "network and information freedom," anonymous communication and evasion of governmental observation, etc.

The Hidden Wiki (an aggregator of DarkNet portals including "Silk Road" and other sites specializing in sales of items and services that are illegal in many countries.  CAUTION--"HIDDEN WIKI" SITES ARE POTENTIALLY A MAJOR SOURCE OF VIRUSES ETC. IF YOU CLICK BEYOND THE HOME PAGE AND THE FBI IS ACTIVELY PATROLLING IT FOR PEDOPHILES, ETC.  Of all these sites, this one is the closest to a "loaded gun" in terms of imminent danger.