Uncut Quarto Edition Sheets from Bindery Waste

        The images below illustrate two partial quarto edition sheets from a book sold at a West Sussex (UK) auctiojn by a private dealer.  They served as paste-downs to conceal the binder's sewing on the inner boards of Polyanhea Opus Suavissimis Floribus (Cologne: Gennepaeus [or ex officina Iasparis Genepecie], 1546).  The text contains instructions for celebrating Mass following the use of Sarum (Salisbury Cathedral).

fo. lxxxii etc. vigillia pasche verso (the eve of Paschal Sunday)

fo. lxxxiii recto etc. vigilia pasche (the eve of Paschal Sunday)

fo. xc recto etc. cerei paschalis  (the waning of Paschal Sunday)

fo. xc verso etc. cerei paschalis (waning of Paschal Sunday)