Required Texts and Graded Work

Aebi, Tania, and Bernadette Brennan.  Maiden Voyage.  (N.Y.: Ballantine, 1989, rpt. 1996).  ISBN 0345410122 (paperback, available used in various earlier printings)

Barrett, Andrea.  Ship Fever.  (N.Y.: W.W. Norton, 1986, rpt. 1996).  ISBN 0393316009 (paperback, available used in various earlier printings)

Sterling, Bruce.  Schizmatrix Plus.  (N.Y.: Ace, 1985, rpt. 1996).  ISBN 0441003702  (paperback, available used in various earlier printings)

Thoreau, Henry David.  Walden and Civil Disobedience: Authoritative Texts, Background, Reviews, and Essays in Criticism.  Either the 1st edition (1966, Ed. Owen Thomas) or the 2nd edition (1992, Ed. William John Rossi).  Their contents are nearly identical and the pagination hardly varies in Walden.  ISBN: 0393959058  Also available online from University of Virginia.  If you elect to read this version, print a copy you can annotate and correct the pagination to the syllabus pages.

Voltaire.  Candide and Other Stories.  Trans. Roger Pearson.  (Oxford World's Classics Series, paperback)  (N.Y.: Oxford UP, 1990, rpt. 2006)  ISBN 0192807269 (paperback, available used in earlier printings)  Reprinted recently--all editions work well enough if you correct the pagination to the syllabus pages.  You also can read it online in an out-of-copyright translation at  If you elect this option, please consider printing a copy so that you can annotate it by hand, which encourages better analytical memory of the text.

Warner, William W.  Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay.  (N.Y.: Penguin, 1976, rp. 1994)  ISBN 0316923354 (paperback, available used in various earlier printings)

Graded Work:

        Fifty percent of your grade will depend upon your class participation, both as a leader of daily discussion in your "watch group" and as a thoughtful and insightful responder to other watch groups' presentations.  The other half of your grade will depend upon your cumulative development of an "intellectual live-voyage web" over the course of the semester.  Click here for a description of what this web site should contain and why it is important to your first year at Goucher, as well as your intellectual orientation to the rest of your education here.

        You will have training in the creation of web pages, and we will discuss and workshop our pages on seven days during the semester, immediately after each major reading.  Your online writing and web construction will be given guiding grades which will be reviewed in light of your accomplishments at the end of the semester.  All webs must be completed by Monday, December 11, at 5 PM.  Make sure you have backed up your web on a flash drive, CD-ROM, or DVD, each time you revise/add to it, just in case of a server failure or loss of Internet access.

Watch Group In-Class Presentations (12): 50%

Intellectual Life-Voyage Web Guiding Evaluations (#2, 3, 4, 5, and 6): 25%

Intellectual Life-Voyage Web Final Form Evaluation: 25%