March 1, 2003

Anything Goes* Benefit for  Link




* consisting of  Tom Alderson, Holden Brooks, James Alonso, Bill U'ren, David Crandall, Darcey Steinke, Wyn Cooper and Madison Bell on this date....

Madison Bell, guitar, vocal; James Alonso, bass

 Blue Nun.mp3

Bill U'ren, drums; James Alonso, elbow; Tom Alderson, guitar; Madison Bell, guitar; Holden Brooks, penny whistle

Tom Alderson, guitar: Holden Brooks, vocal; Bill U'Ren, drums

Too Late.mp3

David Crandall, sax

Tom Alderson, guitar, vocal

Secret Heart.mp3

Bob Bradley, guitar, vocal; Madison Bell, guitar; James Alonso, bass

 Part of your World.mp3

Madison Bell, guitar, vocal

 What God had up His Sleeve.mp3

Darcey Steinke, guitar, vocal

 Are You Down-.mp3