New Bell & Cooper Album


this page (in progress) features some free downloads from rough mixes and home demos.  Check out the finished album for the Real Thing:

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Here's a health to the singers and  musicians who made it happen in the CAMPHOUSE: Don Dixon , Jim Brock, Kenny Vaughan, Bob Bradley, Celia Bell and  Marti Jones ...and to Jim Sherraden for the Hatch Show Print cover art above.

Acadia, first to dance to this music.

Bell & Cooper - Alcohol Popsicle.mp3 (rough mix)

DIXON strapped in.  this is roundabout the spot where a song might go  from okay to extraordinary.

Check out The Entire Combustible World In One Small Room:

WYN performs poetry rock.  Results right here below:

Bell & Cooper - Postcard From the Party.mp3 (rough mix)

my father's guitar.  A Favilla. It's the only one I've seen.  Kenny thinks he knows who made it (not Frank Favilla, after all, Kenny thinks).  I strung it up a little lighter so as not to turn in too many dead notes.  seemed to work out okay.

going down with larry brown mp3.mp3

from Just One More

JIM BROCK, wrapped in his mantle of percussion...

must have: .:: The Nature of Drumming - Brockumentary DVD & Audio CD

Bell & Cooper - Cut and Run.mp3 (4 track demo)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kenny Vaughan! His playing on this track is the Platonic ideal version of what I was trying to do on my demo.

Bell & Cooper - Loose Fool.mp3 (rough mix)

Bell & Cooper - Postcard for a Painting.mp3 (4 track demo)

Album version of this one features Marti Jones.  She made my dream come true (the one about hearing this material performed by somebody who can actually sing).

BROCK doesn't talk a lot.  So you tend to listen closer to what he does say.  "A mind is a terrible thing," he said, just before he pulled this cymbal trick.  Title of the third Bell & Cooper so long as Jim don't mind.  With time like what BROCK has got, he knows the effect you can get from punching out of a sentence sooner than expected....

DIXON doing some little thing that makes a big difference

You want to hear Kenny play this song, you gotta buy the record.  Right here you're stuck with me playing all the parts at home in the closet.  not a patch on what Kenny did with it, I assure you.

Bell & Cooper - No Problem may.mp3 (4 track demo)

Don't know if I should call DIXON a bass player at heart, but he is a damn good one.

BROCK working the udders to get bird sounds for "Postcard from This Place."  It's on the album, yo!

We cut 15 songs in about 5 days I think and this was the last one.  Honestly I didn't think we could do it.  Didn't really want to try.  It was DIXON who had the second wind to sail us through it and now I'm glad he did.

Bell & Cooper - Postcard from Porlock.mp3 (rough mix)

BROCK with the clay pigs... no, you can't see them.

Marti Jones' amp she was letting me use for electric stuff.  A little extra magic there.  Please go buy

My Tidy Doily Dream

you won't be sorry

One of BROCK's many, many bags of tricks... for all the good looking at it may do you......

I'm pretty sure when I first sounded a string on this guitar I had to crawl across the floor to it.  Account of I hadn't yet learned how to walk.


This record was made on the Bell family farm, in a building my mother used to use for a summer camp.  We turned it into a studio for a few days.  Didn't seem to do any permanent harm.  I need to thank my father for putting us up, putting up with us, and keeping the bathtub full of whiskey (it's okay he doesn't MAKE it there he just KEEPS it there).  And to all the other good people who kept the faith.

and keep it still....