L'oeuil de Bon Dieu Nous Protège

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L'oeuil de Dieu nous protège


The loupgarou is a Haitian monster combining qualities of the European werewolf and vampire. Like the werewolf, the loupgarou is a changer of shapes; like the vampire, it sucks the life force from its victims. Haitian believers are wont to posit what others would consider psychological problems, as well as obstacles of circumstance, as djab or devils threatening them from without. If such a belief is to be deemed "primitive," one must note that it is also found, for example, in the writings of the Desert Fathers of the Christian Church.

The couple here is threatened on every side, yet still protected by the eye of God, which pierces the darkness and shelters the two in a cone of protective light... a light which is, however, invisible from where they stand.

Sous l'oeuil de Dieu: Sacrifice