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Guidel Presume


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From Soul in a Bottle by Madison Smartt Bell

So Kis was both industrious, after his fashion, and contented. His father surrounded him with sweet attentions. His clothes (rather classy clothes actually) were in good repair and scrupulously clean. He ate well, especially considering that Présumé had no kitchen. His health, along with his trust and affection, burst out in all directions. Every morning, around seven o'clock, he climbed aboard Présumé's bicycle and clutched the handlebars while Présumé pedalled him down from Haut du Cap, a couple of miles through the anarchic morning traffic, to the jardin des enfants outside the city gate where he would pass the day. It scared the hell out of me just to think about the risks of this daily trip, but Kis was capable, doubtless enjoyed the ride, and as Présumé told me more than once, he knew how to hold on very well.