Toussaint Dirige vers la Bataille

Edouard Jean

The Electric Art Gallery: Paintings Under $250

from Master of the Crossroads by Madison Smartt Bell

A large dark stallion walked into the yard and a black man in general's uniform pulled the horse up and dismounted. His face was no higher than the horse's shoulder when he stood on the ground, and his uniform was thoroughly coated with dust from wherever he'd been travelling. 

The two junior officers saluted again and the black one drew near and spoke softly into the ear of the general. The general nodded and beckoned to the man who had walked into the camp from the mountains, and then the general turned and started toward the grand'case. His legs were short and a little bowed, perhaps from constant riding. As he began to mount the grand'case steps, he reached across his hip and hitched up the hilt of his long sword so that the scabbard would not knock against the steps as he was climbing.