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Scheduling an appointment is easy and ensures that you'll be able to meet with someone.  Please call or stop in to make an appointment. Our extension is x6551. If you do call us, please make sure to leave your name and number so that we can contact you. You may also email us at! (Again, however, please leave us your phone number, in case we need to contact you with any kind of immediacy.)

Writers with appointments will be seen before those who just drop in, so it's a good idea to plan ahead. Make us apart of your writing process from the very beginning!

Feel free to contact us individually for tutoring sessions --many of our tutors are willing to work with students outside of official Writing Center hours. Check our Who We Are page for a full list of tutors!

Green Boxes: These indicate which tutors will be working at specific times.

Red "Busy" Boxes: These indicate when we have a scheduled appointment.  It is now possible to see when we are busy and plan accordingly!  You should still contact the center to make your appointment.

For any questions about the calendar, please contact the center.

Please note, this calendar is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer only. Safari users may have difficulty. the Writing Center Hours Calendar to your Google calendar the Writing Center Appointment Calendar to your Google calendar
Schedule is subject to change in the early weeks of each semester. 



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