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Michelle Tokarczyk, Writing Program Director (2012-14)

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Before you email the Writing Program Director asking for help, please look here first for general information about Writing Program course offerings, general policies, and advice.

Composition Course Topics for Fall 2013 

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Solutions to common problems--for more, see the menu at the bottom of the page:

        If you have specific Writing Program questions not answered on this website, contact Arnold Sanders (x6515).  If you are a student or a new Goucher faculty member and you want to become familiar with the ways Goucher faculty have described what they are looking for in good academic prose, see the College Writing Proficiency Criteria.  If you are a student who has questions about how to pass the College Writing Proficiency requirement for graduation, we have prepared answers to the most common questions we are asked.  When students first choose a major, they also should ask their departmental advisers about the department's requirements for Writing Proficiency in the Major.  Goucher sets high standards for writing, and our graduates tell us writing is one of the most important skills they use in their careers.  We believe in our students' eagerness to learn, and we believe good writing can be taught rather than being primarily an innate talent or the product of pure inspiration.  We hope you will use this web site, and the web site of the student-run Writing Center, for help throughout your studies at Goucher.

        If you need information or advice about Goucher's Creative Writing courses, please contact Madison Smartt Bell (Fiction) or Elizabeth Spires (Poetry) on the Goucher College email system, or visit the Creative Writing Program and Kratz Center web page.  They offer samples of students' recent work, and previews of upcoming Goucher poetry and fiction readings.

      The Writing Program, a branch of the English Department, organizes courses which study non-fiction writing, including freshman composition (English 103, 104, & 105), intermediate composition (English 201), journalism (English 203 & 208), scientific and technical writing (English 206), the Writing Center tutor training course (English 221), and linguistics (English 219).  The right side of the menu below will answer students' questions about College Writing Proficiency (required of all undergraduates), writing portfolios, Writing Across the Curriculum courses, Writing Center hours and tutors, nomination and evaluation procedures for becoming a Writing Center tutor, and many other topics.  The left side of the menu below contains teaching materials to support composition instructors and all Goucher faculty who use writing to teach.  Students also can see sample syllabi from current Goucher composition instructors.  If you have questions about the Writing Program that aren't answered on this site, please email your requests to Arnie Sanders on the Goucher College email system.  (His email address is not posted here to prevent its collection by spammers' web crawlers.)

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