Plagiarism Risk Quiz: Economics Passage 1

Below is a passage from a scholarly publication and a student's attempt to paraphrase the passage. Please indicate by clicking on the appropriate button whether or not you think the paraphrase has plagiarized the original passage.  The result will help you determine whether you risk committing plagiarism while trying to paraphrase a source.

Original passage, taken from:  Friedman, Thomas L.  The Lexus and the Olive Tree.  New York: Anchor Books, 2000, c1999.  [This is how the source would appear in your References section.]

This first era of globalization and global finance capitalism was broken apart by the successive hammer blows of World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Great Depression, which combined to fracture the world both physically and ideologically.  The formally divided world that emerged after World War II was then frozen in place by the Cold War.  The Cold War was also an international system.  It lasted roughly from 1945 to 1989, when, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was replaced by another system: the new era of globalization we are now in.  Call it "Globalization Round II."  It turns out that the roughly seventy-five-year period from the start of World War I to the end of the Cold War was just a long time-out between one era of globalization and another (Friedman, 2000 p. xvii).

Paraphrase: Thomas Friedman argues that Globalization Round II began after the Cold war ended.  Round I occurred after World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Great Depression, events which fractured the world into many pieces.  Then the Cold War kept the world frozen into two sides until it ended, at which point globalization once again reigned (2000 p. xvii).

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