English 105 Independent Research Project Conference

Bring a bibliographic handout so that we can see your sources.  Click here for more guidance about how to present research results and how to be an audience for such presentations.  To see topics from last spring's researchers' presentations, click here.  Presenters' abstracts of their preliminary findings are hyperlinked to their titles.  To see Web pages for two typical conferences for Humanities scholars, see the Renaissance Society of America's annual conference, and the International Congress on Medieval Studies.


____Olivia Dickert (Biology)__"Nitrogen in Agriculture: The Goldilocks Problem and its Solutions"__________________________________________________

_Catherine Wright (Communications / Women's Studies / International Relations) "How Media and International Relations Shapes the Meaning of Pussy Riot"

____Coyote Erfourth (Art / Art History)__"The Nature and Power of the "Outsider" Arts"________

_     Anna Young (Psychology / Education)_"Discipline Within the Educational System and the Affect on Youth’s Time Perspective"____

____Adam Geller (International Relations / Political Science)_"Whose Britannia? Imperialists’ Identities in India and Independence: A case study of globalization in the identity of the British colonizers of India_



_____Taylor Mundis (Dance)__________________________________________________

_____Noah Kahan (Communications)_"A Technological Revolution or A Conundrum?"______

_____Anne Werkheiser (Psychology / Communications)__"Shocked: Misinformation and Electroconvulsive Therapy"__

_____Julia Jones (Psychology / Sociology)__"The Effect of Parenting Behavior on Childrens' Social Inhibition"_____

_____Isaac Gittelsohn (Religion / Public Health)__"Overcoming Homophobia: The Power of Christianity’s Concept of Redemptive Suffering for HIV-Positive Gay Black Men"___

_____Colleen Kreft (Biology / Veterinary Science)__"The Candor and Fallacy of Feral Cats"____