English 105 Independent Research Project Conference

Bring a bibliographic handout so that we can see your sources.  Click here for more guidance about how to present research results and how to be an audience for such presentations.  To see Web pages for two major conferences for Humanities scholars, see the Renaissance Society of America's annual conference, and the International Congress on Medieval Studies.


__Sam Goldberg (Philosophy), "Does reading literature make readers more moral?"____

_Karen Spears (Soc/Anthro), "How do children's toys affect gender identification?"_____

_Sofia Robinson (Psych/Soc/WS), "Factors affecting the social development of college women"_

_Ellis Andrews (Art History/Ecology), "Environmental impact of Earth Art and outdoor galleries or installations"

_Carly Barwick (Public Pol/Econ), "After Dodd-Frank and Consumer Protection Act, how much should we regulate?"

_Shelly Martinez (Educ/Public Policy), "The current status of desegregation efforts in K-12 schools"___


___Maxwell Adelstein (Poli-Sci), "Campaign Finance Reform--evaluating its actual effects"___

___Dakota Toler (Soc), "Why do rape victims blame themselves?_____

___David Siboney (Soc/Sports), "What does it mean to succeed as a college athlete?"_____________

___Mae McColl (Comm/Film), "Hitchcock's Suppression of Male Desire in Suspicion, Vertigo, and Psycho"__

___Kayla Snyder (Physics/Astrophysics), "The current state of the search for potentially life-sustaining exoplanets"__

___Isabel Joseph (Business), "What factors are affected by the control exerted by non-profit organizations' boards ?"

___Anneke de Jonge (Comm/Film), "Recent research on Hitchcock's films and 'gaze theory"__

___Sarah Hirsch (Biology), "Monogamy in the Great Apes and its significance for Humans"_