The Coming Storm: Digital Text Replaces Print & Digital Reading Replaces Print Reading

        Internet-based text, once created and "published" to the World-Wide Web, is inherently unstable: it can be changed by the owner, hacked by an intruder, changed by a system administrator, censored by a government, or completely unavailable because of high web traffic, server maintenance or crash, a changed URL, a virus or trojan horse program controlling your browser, power failure anywhere between you and the server, and naturally occurring or human-caused electro-magnetic pulse (EMP).  Printed paper text, seemingly so fragile, can remain readable longer than any digital document yet created.  Just think about what has to work correctly to make a digital text legible.

Arnie's Confession--Print vs. Digital Surrogates / Editions vs. Manuscripts:

Two Great Print Libraries You Can Visit Nearby: