The Opies' "Grenadier" as a Proppian False Hero Defeated / Order Restored (also fits Frye--Comedy--Spring)

Moves in [square brackets] are omitted in the chants but are present by implication.

[23. The hero (implied speaker of the chant), unrecognized, arrived home or in another country.]
24. A false hero presents unfounded claims (the "Grenadier"'s demand of drink).
25. A difficult task is proposed to the hero.  (Trial by drink, fire, riddle, test of strength.)
26. The task is resolved or accomplished (the "Grenadier"'s exposure as penniless impostor).
[27. The hero is recognized, often by a mark or an object.]
28. The false hero or villain is exposed and / or punished (the "Grenadier" is "out," leaving the chanter-speaker in charge and re-establishing playground order).