Arnie Sanders

Associate Professor of English

Writing Program Director (2003-2006)

Van Meter G57 (x6515)

Curriculum Vitae: one way to get to know a teacher is to read his official history.

The Unofficial History: another way to get to know a teacher is to read his autobiography, keeping in mind, of course, that autobiography is a subgenre of fiction with strong pretentions to historical truth.

How do I read literature and why?: this autobiographical meditation grew out of an English 222 public folder exchange (Fall 2000) about gendered reading and Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own."   It's as good an introduction to my background as a reader/writer and student/teacher as anything I've written so far. 

Do "assigned work" for free/thee?: authority, control, and assignments:   this is a sequel to the "How do I read Literature and Why?" essay, and was also produced in response to two students' public folder postings in English 222 (Fall 2000).  It's the "writing" component that corresponds to "How"'s description of the development of the "reader" in me.

Other Course Web Pages

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English 221, Theories of Composing, Tutoring and Teaching   (Fall Semester, repeats for 2000-2002)

English 240, Medieval Literature (Spring 2000 and alternating years, but 2002 will be a sabbatical year)

English 330, Special Topics and Themes before 1700: Chaucer, Canterbury Tales (Spring 2001 and alternating years)

English 222, Women and Literature: Women and Inspiration (Spring 2000--may repeat)

Writing Program (materials, policies, teaching and writing assistance for teachers and for students)