Independent Research Project Preliminary Report Schedule

Tuesday, December 8

____Katherine MacKie (creating a MS of her poems)_

____Dominic Keyes (the socio-political iconography Rowlandson's 1829 Sketches of [London's] Lower Orders, from the Burke Austen Collection____

____Sam Smyth, "Margin-Man," marginalia in Tonson's 1700 edition of Dryden's Religio Laici____

____Erika DiPasquale, applying M. B. Parkes' Pause and Effect (1999) to punctuation in Charles Dickens' Mystery of Edwin Drood, first magazine edition vs. 1870 posthumous book edition_

____Gaby Messinger, Camille Jorgensen, and Natalie Guajardo, the "Dilhorne" Manuscript Cookbook (1864-1941)______



Thursday, December 10

____Patrick Bransfield, a manuscript friendship document to commemorate his friendship with Jacob Hollis based on the Circa Survive songs, " Kicking Your Crosses Down" and "Fever Dreams"__

____Jake Meyer, a manuscript indenture to allocate space in a communal refrigerator__________

____Tracy Staples, manuscript of her poetry for her son__

____Rika Hoffman, comparison of first (Hogarth Press, 1929) and later (1957) editions of Virinia Woolf, A Room of One's Own___

____Chloe Voght, comparison of manuscript facsimile and print editions of Alice in Wonderland_________________________________________

____Anna Young, Dickens' Mystery of Edwin Drood (posth. 1870) and attempts to complete it or understand what Dickens was up to_[PowerPoint on GL]__

____Isabel DaSilva, a print edition of her poetry

____Ellen Bowker, Giuseppe Marchini's Italian Stained Glass Windows (1957, Burke-Austen Collection)_____