Miscellaneous Summer Projects, 2013-14

William Blades, The Enemies of Books (London: Elliott Stock, 1888)--a Project Gutenberg digital edition that will teach you much about books' physical lives and fates, book collecting and study, and the effects of nineteenth-century "bibliomania," the aristocratic and middle class passion for book collecting that changed book studies by making its subject a collectible rarity sought by people who only buy books as investments. 

 Links to 1687/1689 Chaucer Edition Issue Images 

Jeremy Norman, "From Cave Paintings to the Internet:  Chronological and Thematic Studies on the History of Information and Media"  (Jeremy Norman is a San Francisco rare book dealer and scholar specializing in the history of science.)  

Los Tres Hermanos (bad pictures of good kitties) 

Moving Office in the Digital Age: a sad day summed up in four images.