2014 English 215 Doubles Critical Methods Tournament (AKA, "the Big Crit-Off") 

Psychoanalytic Criticism 

Marxist Criticism 

New Criticism Structuralism Deconstruction Reader-Response Criticism  Feminist Criticism 
Sam Richardson

Isabel DaSilva
Megan Meluskey

Gaby Spear
Dorie Chevelen

Hayim Wolfe
Ke'Aun Charles

Caroline Less
Sean Towle

Sarah Denn

Jordan Javalet
Victoria Cooke

Noah Klein

        These are the team members for the 2014 English 215 Doubles Critical Methods Tournament (AKA, "the Big Crit-Off")  You have been chosen for the critical theory you will represent because you did very good or excellent work on it in the "Working With" assignment, and you have been paired (or trio-ed) with someone else who also did as well or better than you did.  Our goal will be to apply each theory to discover at least one insight that would not have been obvious without using theory's methods.  I will be available at the beginning and end of the 30 minute work period to help groups figure out how to apply the theory.  Make sure you have read the Hemingway story, "My Old Man," and both versions of the 18-line Wyatt poem, "They Flee from Me [That Sometime Did Me Seek]" before class.  Your choice of which text to analyze will make a huge difference in how well your theory works. 

        If your group picks "My Old Man" to use with your theory, you probably should browse the Kentucky Derby web site, and think about its significance as a semiotic system.  This link will take you to a British racing web page that illustrates jockeys' "silks," their color coded identities as properties of an owner.  If we were doing Cultural Criticism in this contest, the team would have to spend some time looking at visual evidence of this mythic drama and its economically motivated codes of power and submission.