"Sir Thomas Malory" course pages for McDaniel College, Professor Wronski, English 2230

Malory's Text's History in Manuscript and Print Editions (AKA, the "provenance" of the text we read)

Malory's Sources and William Caxton's Lifetime Printing Press Output (1475-1491) vs. "Incunable" (C15) Press Production in Europe

Malory's Explicits and Incipits  (Eugene Vinaver's evidence the text is eight separate "romances," not one unified "book.")

Evidence of Malory's Composition Order

Graph of Malory's "French Book" Authority Claims

Text of Malory's "French Book" Authority Claims + from Source or Added by TM?

Graph of Malory's "love peramour" or "paramour" Usages

Graph of Malory's "Month of May" Transitional Passages